Have you heard of School- Days?

Life gets more and more expensive with each passing year. That is why it is so vital that one starts planning for your child’s education very early on. Despite the “Fees must Fall ” movement, free education in South Africa, is but a farfetched dream and far from being our reality anytime soon. School- Days is a great initiative to start saving today.

What is School – Days?

School – Days is a bursary building platform, that is revolutionising the way that South Africans are paying for their education! In just over a year, School-Days has created close to R16 million for its members’ school, college and university fees. They do this by flipping the traditional models of bursaries on their heads. With School-Days, parents can grow their own bursaries – without being subject to someone else’s decisions. School-Days is an innovative education bursary programme that empowers us to build our very own bursary for our family’s fees, helping us provide for one of our biggest responsibilities: our children’s education.

The bursary for everyone

It’s a reality that very few students are eligible for traditional academic, sporting and cultural bursaries. What’s great about School-Days is that anyone can build a School-Days bursary to help pay towards their family’s education fees. Your child doesn’t have to be top of the grade or a sports captain, and, as a parent, you don’t need to jump through hoops or ‘qualify’ to get a School-Days bursary.

Here’s how it works

School-Days sources multiple channels of getting free money, consolidated into your single bursary account. For example, when you join School-Days (for free, woo-hoo!) and shop at School-Days Partners, you get a percentage of your spend added to your personal education bursary. This is just one of the ways to build your bursary; there are a number of other easy ways too, like making direct contributions and benefitting when friends and family spend at our Partners. 

Shop and secure the future of Education

When you join School-Days, your Dis-Chem Loyalty Benefit Card will be automatically linked to your bursary. When you swipe your card at Dis-Chem, not only do you get Dis-Chem points, but you also get 1.6% of your spend added to your School-Days education bursary, at no additional cost or effort. It’s a double benefit! You can unlock even more benefits with the new School-Days Shopping Card. Use the card to pay for your everyday shopping at Pick n Pay, Checkers, Game, Edgars, Shoprite, Builders, Dis-Chem, Ackermans, Jet, Pep, and more, and a portion of your spend will be added to your bursary

Putting the future of Education in your hands

School-Days founder, Chris Nel, says: 

My wife Kerry and I founded this company on the conviction that education is critical to building our communities, but paying the fees for quality education can be tough for families. Our intent is to make a difference in South Africa by serving our families in ways to do this with ever more ease, and to secure their dreams for their sons and daughters.

Education is what will change all of us – it changes individuals, who change families, who change communities, who change societies, who change nations, who change continents, who change the world..

Ian Edwards is one of the members empowered by building a bursary through School-Days. He comments: 

“I hadn’t planned on having four children, and now I have to make the best plan I can to prepare for their education costs. I’m committed to educating my children and growing a bursary with School-Days brings me closer to my goal. Where I stand now, I have enough in my bursary to pay the school fees for one of my children for two years. You can join School-Days and make it work for you, too.”

When it comes to planning for the future, every little bit helps! That’s why more and more people are joining the education revolution, taking the future of education into their hands through School-Days. Click here to join School-Days and start building a bursary for your family’s education: https://www.schooldays.co.za/#join-today

School-Days gives you the opportunity to build a bursary for your family’s school, college and university fees, helping you provide for their education. The platform is simple, and building a bursary is easy. 

Have more questions about School-Days? 

  • Visit www.schooldays.co.za.
  • Get in touch with the member support team at support@schooldays.co.za. 
  • Give School-Days a call on 086 999 0105. 

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